A1 Mobile Caravan Repairs

Photo Gallery of Completed Work

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Onsite servicing

Onsite servicing

New sheeting and awning

New side sheeting and roll out awning.

New side sheeting

Accident Damage
This caravan received new side sheeting.

Another happy customer

Hail Damage
This van was damaged by hail and received a complete re-sheet on the front and roof, including new hatches and air conditioner.

Van resealed and suspension modified

Pictures of a van we recently completely resealed and modified the suspension to gain extra height.

Plywood staining repaired

Storm Damage
Due to a severe storm this van sustained plywood staining.

Repairs completed

Insurance Work
This van was repaired under insurance due to denting on the front from road debris. Due to a leaking front clearance light this van sustained water damage/rot, stressing the importance of ensuring your van is well sealed. The rot was repaired and the front of the van re-sheeted.

Hail Damage
This van was repaired under insurance due to hail damage. It received new side sheeting, a new door, roll out awning and a new pop top insert.

Storm damage repaired

Storm Damage
Complete rear wall frame removed, plywood replaced, rot repaired and new external sheeting.

Water damage repaired

Water Damage
Due to water damaged sustained this van had the complete front wall frame removed, new plywood installed, rot repaired and front sheeting replaced.

Accident damage

Accident Damage
Due to accident damage this Windsor caravan had part of its side replaced.

New Sheeting

New Sheeting
New side sheeting due to accident damage under insurance.

Before repair

New Side Sheeting
This Roadstar caravan received partial new side sheeting due to accident damage.

Replacing vinyl stoneguard

Checker Plate Fitted

This Jayco Starcraft was fitted with checker plate to replace the existing vinyl stoneguard. It also received new front aluminium sheeting.

Wall frame removed and repaired

Wall Frame Removed
Due to water damage, this Traveller caravan had the complete wall frame removed and repaired with new internal plywood. As per the customers request, the front window was left out and the sheeting was changed.

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